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internet 25

$19.95/month No Contract

itnernet 50

$34.95/month No Contract

Internet 25 is our Flagship Internet Package.  This package provides speeds of up to 25 Mbps Download and up to 2 Mbps Upload.  Perfect for casual Internet browsing, 2 simultaneous video streams, and speedy downloads.  This is our most popular package and should be sufficient for most users.  The Internet 25 Package includes 500 GB of monthly traffic. Need a little more speed?  No Problem!  Internet 50 is our Premier Package.  This package provides speeds of up to 50 Mbps Download and up to 5 Mbps Upload.  Perfect for video streaming on multiple devices, large downloads, and multiple video calls.  The Internet 50 Package includes 750 GB of monthly traffic.

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   Wireless Internet

At HighSpeed Systems, we understand the critical need for fast and reliable WiFi.  This is why we only install cutting edge technology, allowing you to surf and stream from multiple devices without ever dropping your connection.  Our experience in the hospitality industry has provided us with the knowledge to program, install, and manage robust WiFi networks in the residential sector.

Signal Strength
Our commercial grade wireless access points will provide wall to wall coverage for your home.  We also only use dual band access points, utilizing both the 2.4 Ghz and the 5 Ghz spectrum.
High Capacity for User Devices
Smart phones, tablets, laptops?  No problem!  Our wireless access points are able to handle all of your devices simultaneously, even if you are streaming video on different devices.
Ultra Fast Connections
Our Access Points use the latest WiFi technology ensuring your devices connect in the blink of an eye and are able to stream HD video content without interruption.
High Reliability
One of the most important aspects of any network is uptime.  We take measures such as installing power controllers and UPS’ with our head end equipment to ensure your home network has maximum uptime.
We take security very seriously and have both hardware and software security protocols in place to make sure your WiFi experience is highly secure.



In today’s day and age, security is one of the most important aspects of any network.  We take network security very seriously and provide a multitude of procedures to help keep your network secure.

  • WPA2 AES  encryption on your WiFi.
  • Routine firmware updates on our networking equipment to ensure the latest security protocols are in place
  • Firewalls to prevent unauthorised access to your network from the Internet at large.


   24/7 Technical Support

In the rare event that you have a problem, you can rest assured, HighSpeed Systems has a team full of professionally trained support agents ready to assist you with any issue.  Our helpdesk operates 24/7 365 days a year.  Best of all, our agents are very friendly!


   Technology Partners

HighSpeed Systems works with leading companies in the technology industry to ensure you have the optimal home network.

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