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   Wireless Internet

At HighSpeed Systems, we understand the amazing expectations your hotel must meet when it comes to Wireless Internet. This is what we do.  With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality Internet field, we’ve seen it all and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining Hotel WiFi Networks.  Whether your guests are streaming Netflix or are accessing their Company VPN, we make sure they have an excellent Internet experience from Check-In to Check-Out.  We use the latest equipment to ensure your guests connect easily and stay connected no matter where they are in the hotel.  Our table below highlights some of the added value features you and your guests receive when you do business with HighSpeed Systems.


Signal Strength
After conducting a site survey at your hotel, we will design a WiFi System that will provide maximum coverage to all guest rooms giving your guests excellent signal strength as they move around the hotel.
High Capacity for User Devices
With the explosion in the number of devices any one person may bring to your hotel, we engineer WiFi systems that are capable of handling all of these devices at once, with room for more as technology advances.
Ultra Fast Connections
Our Access Points use the latest WiFi technology ensuring your guests connect in the blink of an eye and are able to stream HD video content without interruption.
High Reliability
One of the most important aspects of any network is uptime.  We take measures such as installing power controllers and UPS’ to make sure your network has maximum uptime.
We take security very seriously and have both hardware and software security protocols in place to make sure your guests’ WiFi experience is highly secure.
Seamless Roaming
Just like when your cell phone call is handed off from one tower to the next to maintain a phone call, our access points operate in the same way.  This feature allows for a seamless internet experience no matter where you move around.
Special Purpose Wireless Zones
We can establish separate wireless zones to ensure that there will be autonomy from the WiFi in the rest of the hotel. For example, we can put your meeting room access points on their own VLAN with a dedicated amount of bandwidth to that network ensuring all of your clients’ important meetings are protected from network contention.
Mesh Networks
We can install a self-healing network that continues to operate when one node breaks down or a connection goes bad by providing several paths between a source and a destination in the network.


   Meeting Rooms

We understand that an integral part of the Hospitality Industry is being able to accommodate the technical demands for conferences and meetings.  Don’t lose out on an account because your network is not up to par.  HighSpeed Systems is ready and able to meet the requirements of your business clients.  Our networks are custom built meaning we have the flexibility to configure our system to your clients’ needs.   Our services include but are not limited to…

  • Provisioning for any type of meeting including webinars, video streaming, and Polycom.
  • Provide Routable IP addresses to users who need them.
  • Dedicate bandwidth to a specific zone not shared with other users on the local area network such as guest rooms or even other meeting rooms.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Large meetings requiring additional hardware such as switches and access points.
  • Backup and failover facilities.
  • Custom networks.


   Guest Login

We realize how important your hotel’s brand is to you, so let our team of experts design a custom splash page that your guests will see as soon as they open their browser.  This is a great opportunity to have all of your guests better familiarize themselves with your hotel’s brand and services.  Whether you want to advertise a hotel amenity or want to have guests authenticate to the system prior to browsing, we can craft a page that exceeds your expectations.

Custom Splash Pages
Design custom splash pages that advertise the hotel and its services. Offer a separate splash page for every wireless zone. These pages could advertise the hotel’s wine shop, gym facilities, partnerships with local bars, restaurants, or tourist sites as well as other amenities.
Landing Pages
After guests log in through the splash page, they can be redirected to a web site the hotel has chosen.
Hotel Terms and Conditions
Include the requirement for guests to accept the hotel’s standard terms and conditions on the splash page.
Walled Garden
Provide free access to a variety of web sites that would likely interest guests. These might include, for example, airline check in sites, online versions of newspapers, local tourist sites, and the weather channel.
Types of Authentication
Enable common passwords for all guests, unique passwords for each guest, interfaces to the PMS, or other types of authentication.


   Network Management

Your hotel’s guest network is a dynamic system requiring constant upkeep, improvements, and on demand changes.  Our experience and expertise allows us to stay on top of your network, making the necessary adjustments to keep it running optimally.  Not only do we take care of all of the maintenance in the background, we can make custom configuration changes if your guests’ have special requirements.  See the table below for a small list of just some of the Network Management services we offer…

Custom Traffic Shaping
We have the ability to traffic shape based on your preference. Perhaps you want to offer a free WiFi service that is adequate for web surfing and email, but would like to charge extra for premium service that will accommodate HD video streaming.
Bandwidth Control
Ensure that all guests enjoy equal access to the Internet. Eliminate the risk that one guest with high bandwidth demands will degrade the access for other guests on the network.
Allocate Dedicated Bandwidth
Allocate varying bandwidth to specific areas of the hotel, for example meeting rooms.
Flexible Quality of Service (QoS)
Provide priority service to some types of traffic over others. This great feature ensures that more important types of traffic always take priority over others.  For example, voice over IP calls will take precedence over normal web surfing.
Real Time Network Monitoring
We monitor all devices on the network at all times to ensure smooth, reliable operation. If our Network Operations Centre or NOC identifies an abnormality, we move swiftly to rectify the issue.
Smart Networks
We monitor each guest’s connection on the network and optimize the settings to ensure the best possible connection using smart, state-of-the-art controllers.
Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANS)
Segregate various zones of your network to minimize network collisions. Results in faster, more reliable connections for guests.
Top Quality Hardware
All of the equipment that we use is name brand equipment recognized throughout the industry.
Virtual Private Network
Provide support for all commonly used Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).



In today’s day and age, security is one of the most important aspects of any network.  We take network security very seriously and provide a multitude of procedures to help keep your network secure and your guests safely surfing.

  • Various types of encryption on the WiFi.
  • Standard use of passwords and access codes.
  • Routine requirement that guests agree to standard terms and conditions.
  • Client isolation software to ensure that one guest’s devices are not able to communicate directly with another guest’s devices.
  • Hardware based switch and router capabilities to ensure maximum user isolation.
  • Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the hotel’s network from the Internet at large.


   24/7 Technical Support

While we strive to implement the most bulletproof guest networks we can, the reality is we are all human beings and once in a while a guest will need support.  Rest assured, HighSpeed Systems has a team full of professionally trained support agents ready to assist your guests with any problem they might experience.  Our helpdesk operates 24/7 365 days a year.  Best of all, our agents are very friendly!

   HSC Heat Map

Do you ever get the feeling that your WiFi is not meeting the demands of your guests?  Find out with our HSC Heat Map.  We use WiFi surveying tools that measure the signal strength around your hotel and output the information to an easy to understand graphical interface.  Our service takes the guesswork out of whether or not your WiFi system is really meeting guest requirements.  The report we put together will give you a floor by floor, color coded representation of the WiFi signal strength around your hotel.

   Brand Compliance

HighSpeed Systems is proud to be the guest WiFi provider for the following hotels and brands.

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   Technology Partners

HighSpeed Systems works with leading companies in the technology industry to bring your hotel the best network possible.

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